Monday, June 24, 2013

World's Ugliest Dog Contest?

Did you happen to see the winner of the 
25th Annual World's 
Ugliest Dog Contest?

Meet the winner...
a mix of beagle, boxer, and basset hound.

I think Walle couldn't be cuter.
Nothings screams cute more
than a mutt with a
huge head, hump back, and duck feet.

They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." 
 I would never have thought of entering Walle 
in an ugly dog contest.  
If that dog's ugly…
I'm a monkey's uncle.

I hope no dog's feelings were hurt 
during the events of the contest.
It could be damaging to their ego...
to parade around and be laughed at.

I'm guessing Walle
doesn't have a bone to pick with anyone 
about the contest…
especially with winning the crown.  

(Go ahead…
call me the World's Ugliest Dog…
now throw me another Beggin' Strip...
beef and bacon.yum.)

I wonder what dogs think of 
beauty contests for human women.

Walle is probably feeling sorry for  the winner of Miss USA..
sorry Miss Connecticut had to starve herself 
to fit into her 
bathing suit...
and all he had to do was be ugly in his 
birthday suit.


Speaking of birthdays...
Duncandog's birthday is today. 

I hope he's with his dog friends 
in doggy heaven 
having a hell of a pawty...
maybe a little poker...
and some treats.

We're sending up a 
whole lot of love.

Happy Birthday Duncandog.

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