Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Brianna

Brianna is 22 years old today.
woop woop
is Bri older…
but with her recent graduation from Boston University…
she's wiser.

I like remembering the ole days…
you know…
the days when Bri was...
young and dumber….
JK, sweet wish.

The days when June Fif …
as she used to pronounce it, 
couldn't get here soon enough  
so her birthday party planning started in January.
(Hang on Bri, 6 more months to go.)

But together…our "thang" was…
the cake. 

Planning the cake. 

Designing the cake.

Decorating the cake. 

But the 
Icing on the Cake 
will always be
 the memories 
we both share.


Bri may be older and wiser,
but that didn't stop me 
from being juvenile...
and making her a cake fit for a 
Not the sophisticated cake due a 22 year old... 
grownup grad girl,
but definitely a throw back to the cakes of her

Happy Birthday Brianna.

I hope you always have your cake

and eat it too.


Sistersledge said...

That's awesome! Happy Birthday to Brianna! The best wish that ever came true!

Aunt Jayne said...

Awwww, I love that cute wishy face. Happy Belated Bri because your aunt is always a day late (actually 2) and a dollar short. Love you.