Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Encounter of A Wondrous Kind with Jane Doe

The other evening…I was in my car, 
on my way to the TajMa Mall
when I experienced an 
encounter of a wondrous kind.

(This Kat has a flair for the dramatics,
but trust me.)

I was driving the back roads to the 
singing along to the radio …
when a deer jumped out from the woods into the road. 
 I immediately slowed down…
not wanting to hit, 
or be hit by a deer.

 But instead of the deer 
high tailing her white tail across the road…
she stopped...
smack dab in the middle of the road.  

She then turned her head and looked directly at me...
standing perfectly still.

 She was saying something  to me.  

Then I got it...

when a few seconds later, 
her fawn caught up with her. 
(the most adorably awkward spindly legged fawn.)

She then continued across the road 
with her dear trailing behind her.

It made sense.

She was a

a deer…. 
a female deer.

Or as I like to call her...

Jane Doe.


When I say "I was moved by this encounter" with 
Momma Dear...
I was. beyond.
It was beautiful to watch Jane Doe stand there... 
like a crossing guard...
protecting her young.

 A mother's love...
(no matter what species)
strong, fierce, protective.

Jane Doe...
representing all mothers.

What felt most unique about my encounter was that
I felt like she was speaking to me 

And I totally understood her.

Her doe-eyed look said…
"Do NOT think about moving your car
until my Bambi gets across this road." 

And I gave her a look that said,
 "I got your back, girlfriend."

I won't soon forget my 
encounter of a wondrous kind…
and how special it was to have made 
that connection with

 Jane Doe...

a deer…

a female deer.

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Sistersledge said...

Kat, this is so awesome that you got to witness this. I love the pictures. I felt this right in my heart!