Friday, June 28, 2013

Tale of Pilgrim tears

Waiting in line 
at the Plymouth Town Hall 
isn't fun 
and waiting in line for a dump pass 
is enough to make anyone cry….
especially with the new landfill policy effective July 1. 

 I'll spare you the details, 
but let's just say all trash (except recyclables) has to be put in orange bags 
provided by the town 
at a cost of $1.25/bag. 
The new bagging system is enough to make a 
Pilgrim shed a bucket of tears, 
who am I to rock the Mayflower?

If I could have gotten a pass online…
I would have spared myself an arduous voyage 
through the Plymouth Town Hall.  

To my chagrin,  I found the line around the water cooler, out the door, down the hall....
At least it was moving…albeit a slow crawl.  

Luckily for me...
I was standing behind a young mother with 
3 small boys….ages, 6, 3 and 2...
a rambunctious Wampanoag Tribe.

I thanked her for the free entertainment.

I actually wished I was ahead of the woman in line….
not because her 3 little indians were driving me crazy,
but I would have let her cut in front,
 so she could get out of their faster.  
not one other Pilgrim in front of her 
let her jump ahead.

Geez, and I thought the Pilgrim's motto was...
"all for one, one for all... 
together, in the same boat."


When it was FINALLY her turn, 
the young mother found out 
that she was missing proof that she lived in Plymouth.
(You would have thought her Wampanoag Tribe 
was enough proof that she lived in town.)
 All her waiting in line was all for naught.

That's when she announced she was going to cry…
which she proceeded to do.  
Thanks for the warning.

A man (coming to her defense)…
told the town employee 
(who I believe was just doing her job)
 that she was rude to the young woman …
which made the
 town employee upset and cry too. 
I didn't know who to console.

Needless to say, it was a
 unnerving day...
at the Plymouth Town Hall...
and we weren't even under attack by Indians
(except for the 3 Wampanoags 
running around, 
pulling out plugs,
and draining the water cooler.)

Not for nothing…
but the new Landfill plan the town is instituting
 is almost as laughable 
as the rock where the Pilgrims first landed.

as our Pilgrim forefathers once said,
"No use spilling tears over 
new landfill policy."

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sister sludge said...

LOL, funny Kat!