Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smokin' Luck

Last month I had the  privilege of going to Mohegan Sun Casino in CT.

to watch my son,
play bass
with Dustin Lynch,
the country artist from Nashville he's touring with...
coming  soon to a city near you.

woo hoo. yahoo. mountain dew.

Before the show started,
I couldn't help but partake in a little gambling.
Why not?
While in what the Romans do...
gamble your toga off.

I decided to go all out and hit the high stakes...
The Dollar Slots.

I chose my seat wisely...
a slot machine with an ash tray parked in it.

Hey, nothing says win-win...
more than a previously planted smoker's butt...
and his butts in the tray.

Whenever I play slots I insist on three things:

First and ample supply of hand sanitizer.

Second, the slot machine must be equipped with loud bells and whistles. 
(I prefer to get a bang for my buck as my money goes down the drain. 
Otherwise, I could just stay home and quietly stuff money down my kitchen drain.)

Third, I insist on pulling the arm of the one-armed bandit. 
No "spin" button for me. 

I prefer hand-to-hand combat with a bandit.

So, after single-handedly losing 3 rounds...
I unknowingly doubled my bet.

I pulled the bandit's arm...
the bandit farted...
and out came 100 buckaroos.

Woo hoo. 
Dumb luck is the best.


I haven't been to  a casino in a long while
and I chuckled when I saw the penny slots.

I couldn't imagine wasting my time winning pennies. 
Granted, they do add up. 

I collect pennies at home and I probably have a few hundred dollars...
but, hell man...
it's been ten years.

The kicker/killer/kraziest thing at the casino
had to be the 1/2 cent slots.

I wasn't sure I was reading them right.

Could they really be a half a cent?
I had to check with the centsless woman sitting there playing...yep...


The upside is you can play for hours and
not be broke.
The downside is you can play for hours and
win 75 cents.

I enjoyed winning at Mohegan Sun...
but it didn't really matter....

I already knew 
I would be in for a winning experience.

I was going to see

my favorite musician/
all-around awesome son.

hell ya

How much more smokin' lucky 

can I be?