Thursday, September 25, 2014

MOB Wedding Speak

dumdum da dum
dumdum da dum
dum dum dum dum dum dum dum 
dumdum da dum…

"Here Comes the Bride" 
in 2 days.
SOOOOOO exciting…...


With planning a wedding over the past year, 
I have had to learn a new language full of abbreviations.
And just when I had caught on to abbreviations such as:
bff, lol, ttyl, brb, idk
jk, omg 

After Austin gave Chelsea an e-ring
 (that would be engagement ring)
I was introduced to a new wed-speak world.

I quickly learned that as the 
I would be planning a wedding
and not planning a hit
putting the squeeze on

PaulA is the FOB - Father of the Bride…
although I mostly think of him as 
FAB…as in Fabulous.

Austin is the GM and FH 
(groom and future husband)
and Chelsea is his FW 
(future wife)
BM is not what you are thinking or doing in private..
it is a Bridesmaid…
but I also have seen it as Best Man….
just don't want to get them confused.

Some are tricky….
bouts are boutinears
OOT are out of town guests

But then some of the abbreviations 
are pretty easy to figure out…
FG - flower girl
MOH - maid of honor.

I like adding my own spin.
I'm calling Colin Bob now…
Brother of the Bride…he should have an abbreviation.

Although Brianna is the MOH
she is also a SOB 
sister of the Bride…
(not what you were thinking.....)
and she just might just cry at the wedding…
but probably not a full out sob.

Her cousins are COBs…
cousins of the bride.

Wedding abbreviations are all very cute  and 
probably save time when writing things down…
but I say…
there are some that should only be written out 
in long form 
...forget the initials.

It may mean "Save the Date"
but in most other worlds….
an STD is something you don't want to receive
and try explaining to someone that
you got an STD through the mail.
oh...sure you did.

Can't wait to celebrate
Chelsea & Austin 
with the
FOB, MOH, BOB, FOG, COBs and all
our family and friends.

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