Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Usernames, Passwords, and Pins...Oh My!

Does anyone have any tricks to remembering usernames, passwords, and pins, Oh My? What do you do to keep them straight? Or maybe you were born with a pornographic…whoops….photographic memory. I don’t have that kind of memory…well, either kind. Other than a few phone numbers, the only number committed to my memory is my Mastercard number. That one is burned into my internal memory drive.

I have tried to stick with the same usernames and passwords….but over the years, it has gotten difficult. Sometimes the username I choose is already in use and I'm forced to choose a new one. Shocking to me that someone is using…Fatassblogger. And then there are times I'm required to use symbols in my password…so it looks like I've just flung a string of expletives. *^$#^*

I try to be creative with my username…and choose something I can totally identify with…that way I can recognize myself when I see me. Usually I go with Katwoman…but when I’m feeling extra spectacular…I opt for Wonderwoman.

Then there are times I use versions of Kat. Kat scratch, Katsup, Kat burglar, coolkat, katfish, Katcando. I particularly like…don’tlettheKatoutofthebag…but that one is usually considered too long by the computer.

My own ingenious trick to keeping everything straight is a little book with them all listed …all 47 combinations of them. I’m not sure if it is a good idea…but I keep the book next to my computer. That way I can find it. But now that I think about it… its’ like giving the prisoner the keys to his jail cell. Remember Mayberry RFD when Otis Campbell, the town drunk, used to let himself in and out of jail? People just might be able to let themselves in and out of my business. Yikes.

I wish there was an easier method to the madness of passwords. Back in the day when I was a kid, using the magic password got me into everything…and was so easy to remember. All I had to say was “Open Sesame” and I was in like flint.


big C said...

You will never guess my password!!!!

Anonymous said...

i take after you, I have a sticky note on my desk with all of my passwords....hope my roomie doesn't try to break into my economics tests!