Friday, January 8, 2010

BAMA BCS Bowl Champs

In case you live in the Land of Clueless (or the Land of Uninterested)…the College Football BCS Bowl Championship was played last night in Pasadena, California. And let’s just say: Bama is Back.

They say that in the South, “Football is more of a religion…than a game”…of goons knocking each other to the ground. Sing with me, Alleluia.

Ever since Big C attended the University of Alabama, we have become BIG BAMA football fans. We’ve religiously watched every televised game and feverishly cheered them on. Her sophomore year we were lucky to attend a game on the sacred ground of Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. And that, my friends, is a religious experience. We joined 92,000 people all following the almighty brown prolate spheroid with pointed ends.

The BSC Championship Game result: Alabama 37 – Texas 21. The big story was that Texas quarterback, Colt McCoy, exited the game with a shoulder injury in the first quarter. After that there was some offense and some defense, tackles, throws, catches and misses, snaps, kicks, penalties, interceptions, field goals, hits, incomplete passes and touchdowns…not necessarily in that order.

Alabama running back Mark Ingram, Heisman Trophy winner, and offensive MVP, was quoted as saying “We Back.” I would never list "Grammar Guru" to his list of titles…but Ingram does have part of it right…BAMA IS BACK……resurrected to win a National Championship.

Roll Tide.......ya'all.

PS….Happy 75th Birthday to Elvis…but more importantly...Happy Birthday to my Bro! Rock On!

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Anonymous said...

roll tide!!!
and happy birthday uncle steve!