Monday, January 18, 2010

A Model Citizen

Harvard Graduate
Harvard Law Review President
Civil Rights Attorney
Illinois State Senator
U.S. Senator
President of the United States
Nobel Peace Prize Recipient
Add Model…to the list of Obama accomplishments.

Have ya seen this picture of the billboard in Times Square of Obama advertising a black jacket from the Weatherproof Garment Company? Yowser…that man can make a simple black jacket look good. Clothes just look good on Obama….he’s a natural.

The Weatherproof Garment Company is calling it “The Obama jacket.” The ad, however, is misleading because it looks like Obama is endorsing the jacket. The company actually photoshopped an AP photo of the President standing at the Great Wall of China into their ad…without his approval. But Obama was wearing their jacket….which is an endorsement of sorts, in itself.

Does the ad make me want to run out and buy the jacket? No. But there are folks who would weather the elements for the exposure of owning an all-weather Obama jacket.

Remember what OJ Simpson did for Bruno Magli shoes aka OJ shoes? After the trial…Bruno Magli shoes enjoyed a huge lift in popularity and even made a killing in sales. How murderiously ridiculous was that? So to follow… the weatherproof jacket… aka the Obama Jacket…might prove to be a windfall for the company’s bottom line…after they weather any criticism for using the ad without permission.

Hmmm…The Obama Jacket ad is making me think the President should consider modeling. Why not? A lot of models have side jobs. Plus, Obama could help out his fellow Americans by earning some extra bucks to fund his programs. And, if after 4 years, Obama’s day job doesn’t work out...Obama would resort to being a model citizen.

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