Friday, January 29, 2010

Commando Tennis Down Under

I used to play tennis, but I gave it up…and not because I had a sore leg, was a sore sport, or had a sore excuse. Actually my excuse was legit…I couldn’t see the ball. Playing tennis indoors under the fluorescent lights, with the ball coming at me…proved to be challenging. If the ball was hit anywhere near me…I was sure to miss it. My partners would look at me with the expression, What the hell? And I would have to explain, “Hey, if I could see…I so would have had that.”

I kinda got tired of whiffing at imaginary balls, so I threw in my racquet….but not my outfits. Damn, I loved the tennis outfits.

Initially I probably began playing tennis because of the skirts and dresses. Plus the accessories are nice…nothing like a tennis bracelet to compliment the outfit and the gleam of the bling to distract your opponent.

Tennis wear is so much cuter than golf attire. I'm still playing golf because the golf ball is going away from me and not towards me…unless I hit a tree and it ricochets back for my head. Luckily that only happens every 5th shot. But let’s face it…golf clothes are not as fetching as tennis, and kinda on the dorky side. Case in point, who’s hotter…Annika Sorenstam, or Maria Sharapova?

Which leads me to my point…(40-Love)..regarding Venus William’s wardrobe choice at the Australian Open. Venus took some serious heat about the dress she was wearing. Actually, it was more about what she was wearing down under.

She wore a yellow dress with a low V-neck and long slits up the sides…and underneath…a brown tank top and brown undies. Venus designed the outfit herself and said she chose the color to match her skin color, because it was all about illusion and would give the slits in her dress the full effect. When her dress flew up as she ran for the ball, it looked like her butt was in the buff. No illusion there.

Commando tennis, down under… is definitely one way of taking charge at the Australian Open. Go Venus.


Anonymous said...

SO funny, had to do a triple take on this photo....!


Jayne said...

LOL, I thought the same thing Wish.