Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Burger King Whopper

Sometimes I’ve been known to embellish a story …or tell a whopper….just for effect. But this is no Whopper. This one actually has some beef to it.

Have you heard Burger King is adding beer to its menu? For real. The King of Burgers is offering Budweiser, the King of Beers, and Miller Beer with its burgers…just don’t be looking for a Sam’s Pale Ale.

Burger King is actually opening a Whopper Bar in South Beach, FL in mid-February. Where else would you be able to get a brewski with a fast food burger? They probably won’t require shoes and shirts there either.

I’m not exactly sure of the logistics of opening a Whopper Bar. But I would think teenagers couldn’t serve alcohol. Plus, who’s around to supervise the joint at 2 am? It’s one thing to sneak a few fries when no one is looking, but sips of beer. Chug, chug, chug……….

And usually the crowd who frequents a burger joint at 2am is sketchy already, but with beer served…the sketchy factor has just increased 10 fold.

But I’m always open to new ideas. Think of the possibilities. A Drive-thru Whopper Bar sounds like a great idea….you don’t even have to get out of the car. It just makes drinking and driving so much easier. (Okay, a little tongue-in-cheek there, kids.)

And think of how many people will want to work for BK now. With beer benefits…there might be a flow of applications.

Burger King is definitely trying to be edgier and differentiate itself from the competition….first by calling themselves B.K. and now serving beer. And the price is right. A brew as part of a Whopper combo will only be $7.99…just 2 bucks more than the same combo meal with a soda. Come on down.

I think I’ll have to hit a South Beach BK just so I can order a large beer with a regular meal and say, “Whoppertender…Supersuds Me.”


Anonymous said...

this is crazy!!!! but i'll have to wait a few years before my visit to the B.K. Whopper bar!


Jayne said...

I think I just found my calling LOL