Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank you SuperDave

I’m coming to you from the sunshine state….which happily so…hasn’t let me down. My sister Jayniebug and I are visiting my parents who are also visiting my grandparents in a retirement senior community. I’m pretty sure my grandparents have lived in this community the longest. If you add their ages together you would get the grand total of 187. I think that qualifies them as super seniors. I’m hoping they get to 200.

I dragged along my laptop with me to keep me connected with the outside world. Otherwise, I would be lead to believe the world consisted of only sunny retirees with nothing but time on their hands waiting for shuffleboard heaven.

My first day here I started to sweat….not from heat exhaustion, but from wondering where I was gonna plug in…find www. Ahhh…and I found it…at the recreation center. A big room with ping pong pool tables , gym equipment, and 3 card tables set up next to the wall. I made my way to a table through a sea of 35 smiling seniors all milling about…waiting. Something was up. Before I knew it…lines quickly formed and the boom box started:

My hearts on fire Elvira
Giddy up oom poppa mow mow
Giddy up oom poppa mow mow
Heigh-ho silver away

And before you could say, “What the hell?”...they were on autopilot…line dancing with perfection. And this was the beginner group.

One thing I’ve noticed while here is that everything is done early. Why delay? You get up early, have lunch early, and eat dinner early. The first night we hit the early bird dinner at 5 pm, and my stomach wasn’t exactly quite sure what was happening. But I got used to it. Plus I’ve found the early bird catches the worm.

I have to admit, some changes were easier to get used to than others. Like happy hour at 4 pm. What an ingenious idea.……Jayniebug and I were totally on board with moving happy hour up by an hour. Yahoo…giddy up oom poppa mow mow. Hey, have ya seen Elvira?

I haven’t been back to the rec center…not because I don’t appreciate folks doing a rockin’ line dance to Elvira…but I have found SuperDave.

Apparently I’m stealing internet service from a man next door with a superman complex. Thank you Super Dave…you’re my hero.

Giddy up oom poppa mow mow

Heigh-ho silver away


Sistersledge said...

When are you guys coming back to the real world? Or did you decide to check in?

Anonymous said...

hahahha!!! so funny! SUper Dave rocks and is saving the day!