Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Are You Watching?

Have any of you seen the new show Gossip Girl? It is new on the CW network and it is nasty, nasty, nasty…..3 nasties! I decided to watch the pilot because it was created by the same guy who created the O.C. Okay, the O.C. would not be considered brilliant work, but I wanted to watch what my teenagers were watching and before I knew it….I was watching along. Who can resist a story where you see the rich and famous rise and fall (kinda like reading People magazine every week or reading Star Magazine, not that I would do that or anything.)

So I was thinking Gossip Girl would be similar to the O.C., which it is at first glance…young, very attractive boys and girls in high school, expensive and cool clothes, shots of wealthy and privileged lives, and very hip and great looking parents, of course…you know, like a normal slice of life. But the difference in this show is WOW over the top from the O.C. It took the O.C. a few years and many episodes to get where the Gossip Girl’s pilot started.

Check it out….First, we are supposed to believe these kids are in high school (ages 14 – 18)…kids are looking way more mature today, because these kids look to be 21-25! Then you see scenes where they are dressed to the Nines (anybody say that anymore?) and are at the bar ordering drinks. They are actually sitting at the bar sipping on maritinis. Huh, where do “kids in high school” go to the bar and get served martinis? (Maybe because they all look 25….now I get it.) Isn’t it a school nite? Oh, then a young innocent girl at a party gets saved from an experienced older boy who is about to pounce on her (and you know what I am talking about.) She texts her brother for help and he runs in to save the day. Then a flashback occurs …shows one of the boys cheating on his girlfriend with his girlfriend’s best friend on a counter and they’re not sharing a soda …. Bingo, this is where the show earns its 3 nasty rating!!!

So to say I didn’t watch it again the next week would be an out and out lie….I had to….I had to make sure it wasn’t really a nasty show and that maybe things would be different. So I watched…Nope, I was wrong, it’s the same nasty show it started out to be. Maybe next week, it will be different.

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