Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Usernames, Passwords, and PINs, Oh My!!

To know me is to know some of my pet peeves….here’s one. (I better be careful spelling that word or it could look like perves and my kids might have a problem with that!) Okay, the business of usernames, passwords and PINs is enough to send me over Niagara Falls without the barrel. Am I the only one who seems to have a problem with this? Come on, I think not.

So you go to sign on to an account; bank account, ebay account, Mrs.Fields Chocolate chip Cookie account, blog account…you name it account. Sometimes they assign you a user name and other times you get to choose. So you choose (atleast I do) something that resembles your name or personality…okay, let’s go with Wonderwoman…Then you have to choose a password. Through the years I have tried to use the same one….but sometimes the computer requires a number too…so I pick a lucky favorite number. Sounds simple enough, but not so fast! Sometimes my personality changes and my lucky number changes. Then before I know it I am losermom0 or 8thewholething. When I go back, I try to get the right combination of the username with the right password and this is not easy. Then when you add in the PIN….forget it!

So what does everyone else do to remember these combinations? Any helpful hints? Isn’t it enough that I remember to pick Brianna up after practice?

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