Monday, June 30, 2014

Less Reason to attend class reunions

Tis the season for Class Reunions...
a time to reminisce
with old classmates and friends
and find out 
if Bill lived up to 
“Most Likely To Succeed” 

and if Veronica is still deserving of 
“Best Looking.” 
(I voted for Betty.)

Social media, however, has changed everything.
It gives us less of a reason 
to lose weight, grow hair, and attend our reunions.  
Between Facebook, Twitter, InstaSham
and Google (you detectives know who you are)
the mystery is gone.
There is no shock and ahhhhhhh left.

You already know most everything...
where they work, how they look, what they cook,
and all that gobbledygook.
The only thing left to find out is 
if they were lying.



PaulA and I met at Groovy UVM.
Every five years our class reunion info. shows up,
but we toss it out.
Social media probably isn't the reason...
it's probably because we were lucky enough 
to marry our best friend from college
crazy coeds
we have a reunion every day.

And with every reunion...
it goes like this:

"Hi.  It's so good to see you. 
How long has it been? 
Wait, let me guess, maybe 
8 or 9 hours. 
Oh, I remember now,  
there was that one time you popped in around 11 a.m. 
because you left your cell phone on the kitchen counter. 
How could I forget that?
So I guess it's only been about 6 hours.

And you haven’t changed a bit...even after all these 
You still have your hair...
except the few strands I cleaned out of the shower drain...
you haven't gained a single pound...
since last night. 

Oh, remember that time???
You remember that time don't you? 
We were having breakfast and
you had the bagel and cream cheese and 
I had the English Muffin with peanut butter?
Wasn't it the greatest?
Then you said, “See ya later honey. 
And I said, "Have a good day.” 
I’ll never forget it.

Hey, let’s get together real soon. 
Let’s not let so much time pass between reunions. 
Let's do lunch next time."

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