Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Duncandog's Day

Deciding to get a dog is a 
major decision...
not something to be taken lightly 
especially in a family where you already have 
3 frisky kids that need to be
fed, exercised, and trained.

Kids being Kids…
our 3 kids
oh-so desperately wanted a dog…
they'd promise or say anything to get one,
So, of course, they made the proverbial kid promise:
"We promise (scout's honor) 
to walk, feed and help with the dog.  
Cross my heart...stick a needle in my eye." 
But as we all know…
those heartfelt promises never come true.
Not in a dog's age do they ever happen.

Luckily the 3 plush Gund dogs 
and cute matching collars and leashes 
we gave them for Christmas did the trick for a while.
I have to admit 
I kinda felt sad watching them drag their dogs around the house.

So we caved...

PaulA and I both had dogs growing up.  
I had a weinerdog, Brudus VonSomething
(with a name as long as he was) 
and PaulA had Duchess, the mutt.
It was now pay back time…
our turn to take care of the dog.


 Duncandog was born this day 16 years ago.
Unfortunately, he's in doggie heaven 
so we haven't been able to celebrate with him 
for the past couple of birthdays.
But we remember his past celebrations. 

I'm sure his pals in doggie heaven are throwing him a big 
barking paw-ty tonight.
They probably invited all the bitches over for some 
chewing, digging, and private part sniffing.  
Just as it should be.  

Every dog has it's day.  
And today is Duncandog's.  

Happy day, Duncandog.

Dunks, Duncabunk, side of roast beef, Sir Pees Alot

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