Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Talk Like a Pirate" Day

Today is 
"Talk Like A Pirate Day."
(Thanks for reminding me Lady Di.)

Yes, it is a real day....
as real as Grandparent's Day and National Boss's Day...
(which are both a s-t-r-e-t-c-h.)

Anyho ho ho

This Kat comes from a long lineage of 
plunderers and pillagers
every summer we celebrate our inner pirate.

Meet the likes of me mighty family 
and fellow mateys.....

Every year we band together in 
bandanas, buckles,
patch, parrot, and peg...
for some
grog, gruel, and hair from the Captain.
(drink up, me hearties.)

Talking like a Pirate is not hard...
any landlubber can do it.
Just drop your "g's" and "v's"
and throw in a "ye" and a "be"
ye be talkin' pirate smartly...
after after a couple of tankards of rum... 
it comes naturally.

join the fun
(be good mateys and leave your swords at home)
"Talk Like A Pirate" today...
ye mateys be warned...
ne'er be talkin' pirate tomorrow...
or ye be walkin' the plank.

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