Friday, August 30, 2013

"The Usual" Carvel Craving

I frequently have what I call 
a "Usual" Carvel craving.

Luckily the Carvel is conveniently located near my home...
just a hop, skip,  
turn left on Rte 44, 
and you're there.  
It's located in what they call a strip mall…
although I'm pretty sure there's no stripping going on there.  

The Carvel may not be far in distance…
but it's very tricky to pull into. 
It doesn't have an easy-in and easy-out access, 
and there isn't a drive-thru window.  
I would give my left arm for a Carvel drive-thru.
(I'm right handed.)
Regardless of its 10 point degree of difficulty,
 I maneuver my car across traffic...
all in the name of 
i-c-e c-r-e-a-m.

Located next door to the Carvel is a Nail Salon. 

 OccasionalIy I run into someone I know in the parking lot 
going to the nail salon for a mani and/or pedi.  
(I feel so cool when I say mani and pedi.)

 As we walk and talk our way from the parking lot, 
the "occasional someone" assumes I'm also going for a 
mani and pedi.
That's when I open the adjacent door to Carvel
and say, 
"See ya lata sucka.  
Enjoy breathing in those lethal fumes…
while I'm next door treating myself to a creamy treat."
Okay, I don't actually say that out loud… I have a filter...but I may think it.

In the book of Kat,
a melt in your mouth merriment will beat a mani every time...
no matter how cool a "mani" sounds.


I remember the first time I brought Colin with me to Carvel.
As we approached the counter, 
the owner immediately sprung into action,
and handed me what he called
"the usual"

a medium twist in a cone. 

That's when Colin turned to me and said,
"So this is where you go, when I'm at school." 

He was on to me and 
it wouldn't be long before
 bigC and Wishy would know too.

I was in for the same 
shaming and disappointment 
I got from the kids 
when they found out 
I had been going through the car wash without them.
(you whaaat mom?  Nooooo. Say it isn't so.)

I suppose it could be worse…
instead of my "usual" being a  medium twist in a cone…
my "usual" could be 

a double on the rocks 
with a twist.

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sister Jayne said...

haha really funny Kat. Love it!