Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Light the Fuse" Concert-Partridge Family Style

Limos and fancy party buses 
are one way to go to a concert….
but another way is the 
good ole fashion school bus...
which we took to see
Dustin Lynch, Little Big Town, Keith Urban...
on the "Light the Fuse" tour.
yeehaw, woo hoo, heehaw.

It's been eons since I've actually ridden a school bus. 
The backs of the seats were a lot higher 
than I remember…
which is a good idea.  
This way, if the bus stops short,
 you only get slammed into 
the seat in front of you…
instead of thrown 4 rows ahead.  

So now  
my preferred ride to a concert 
(other than a twin-engined helicopter) 
is the school bus. 
I feel so at home.
It gives me a good excuse to act immature 
and practice my "knock, knock" jokes.

Bumping along in my bus seat
to the show...
 I was having a 70's Partridge Family 
"Come on get happy" experience.
I had that poncho.

For those of you not familiar with the Partridge Family…
get with the program already.
By today's standards, you might call The Partridge Family" cheesy tv
but in it's day….
it was a sharp cheddar.

I remember in 1973, I really wanted to be Susan Dey.  
She was soooo cool…
in a 
straight-long-hair-parted-down-the middle/
kind of way.


Our Parking Lot Party 
before the concert
was a happening... 
Bitch'n place

with the usual tailgate pre-concert warm-ups...
flip cup, bean bag toss. food. beverages.
It's smart to drink your beer outside...
they charge a lot of bread for beer inside the venue. 
(My "come on get happy" Partridge experience has me talking like it's 1973.)

But the highlight was...
Colin playing with 
Dustin Lynch.
They were so great...
we couldn't help bougie in our seats.

We dug the show so much,
we almost ended up in China.

I wasn't sure who was having more fun….
the crowd

If you have a chance to see 
Dustin Lynch,
Little Big Town, 
Keith Urban...
"be there or be square."
I guarantee you a groovy time.

Catch you on the flip side.
(enough already with 1973 slang, Kat)


choose to be happy blog said...

1. i love that you had that poncho.
2. it was the best weekend, we are sooosoo lucky to have the family that we do!!
3. im ready for the next one, so many happy memories from that night :)

sister Jayne said...

Saw the tour. The concert was awesome. One of the best I've ever seen.