Thursday, August 8, 2013

Congrats Bri on Job "Pounding"

Back in my day… 
looking for a job…
was about
"pounding the pavement."

But with today's technology…
it's more about
"pounding the keyboard."

Any kind of "pounding" to find a job 
is never a  
picnic/walk in the park/joy ride.
In other words…
it AIN'T easy.

That's why I'm  
that Brianna is gainfully employed 
(go Bri) 
and has completed her 1st month 
of her 35 year sentence career.


After hearing about the extensive 
interview/interrogation process 
Brianna went through to get her job…
I remembered an 
interesting interview 
I once had for a systems position
in Jacksonville, FL.

I was a little nervous/intimidated as I sat across the Manager's large desk…
but I tried to remain cool….
(never let 'em see you sweat…
or smell your sweat fear.)

Towards the end of the interview, 
the Manager informed me that 
I was wearing the “right” colors.
I looked down to see what the heck I was wearing.
red blouse and a black skirt.
Huh ? 

That's when he pointed out that I was wearing his 
alma mater's school colors...
University of Georgia.  
Apparently he was getting good vibes from me 
as I sat there...
looking like a bulldog…

minus the protruding under bite.

It's a good thing I wasn't in a 
blue and orange mood 
when I dressed for the interview that morning. 

  That Bulldog alumnus might have 
lifted his leg,
 then thrown my scaly Gator ass out his door. 

To all you job seekers out there…
I wish you good luck.
I know...
it Ain't easy.

Keep on...Keep on... 

And a special
Congrats to 
for a job... 
well done.
dang "papa"razzi is everywhere

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