Friday, August 16, 2013

Tale of A. Weiner

A. Weiner pulls out.
Okay, that's a little premature.
(a girl can hope.)

I was hoping that Anthony Weiner would yank
his membership from the NYC mayoral race, 
but apparently Weiner is still in win it…

or so he hopes. 

Are you sick of all the Weiner jokes?
(You probably wouldn't touch one with a 10 inch foot pole.)
I realize they need to stop…but 
it's hard because they basically write themselves.  
You don't have to go very deep 
to come up with a Weiner joke.
They just pop up and immediately present themselves.

Have we reached the Weiner tipping point yet…
where the jokes just aren't funny anymore? 
Apparently Weiner has worked 
long and hard to stop the ribbing...

but has come up short...
again and again.

 I'm sure he's hoping we  zip it with all the jokes 
but it is
A. Weiner who has exposed himself…
to ridicule.


According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, 
Weiner has fallen into fourth place.
It appears Weiner support is waning.
Maybe a massive dose of Levitra 
could help A. Weiner spring back to life.

At this point, 
I'm not sure what it would take 
to cut Weiner out of the race.  
Short of a little help from Lorena Bobbitt …
I think A. Weiner stands 
until the election.

Maybe after Weiner sees the latest survey…
Weiner will make if official and will pull out.

I just don't see how 
A. Weiner can erect a final stand.

I would say
"A. Weiner is cooked 
and in a pickle."
(Finally a G-rated version of the Weiner.)

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