Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hare's to a Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 

is known as the "Year of the Goat" or 
"Year of the Sheep"
in the Chinese calendar.

I prefer sheep.
I think most people would rather be associated with
sheep than goat…unless of course, you are talking 
"black sheep" or "sheep in wolf's clothing."

Sweet Wishy Brianna was born in 1991, 
which is also a "Year of the Sheep."
She's neither the "black sheep of the family" or 
a "sheep in wolf's clothing"…
so that pretty much makes her the goat.
hehe Bri


It's the first of the year
and also the first of the month...
so you know what that means.

Time for the
 Parade of Rabbits.

After a big night last night,
I think you deserve 
a hare of the dog that bit you.




Hare's to a great year ahead.

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