Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve Creature Comforts

Last Day of the Year...
how did that happen?

So what are your plans for New Year's Eve? 
You've got a couple of hours to come up with something before you're doing nothing.


New Year's Eve can be a crazy time.  
I find it best to stay away from the crazies
(other than those I'm related to) 
that's why I've never been to NYC on New Year's Eve 
to watch the ball drop.  
I don't quite understand the need to stand in the freezing cold with a million other people…
that after the ball has dropped…immediately flushes.  
Then the next 2 hours all people are looking for 
is a toilet to flush.
I prefer to watch the ball from my couch….
more warmth, less crazy, and a whole lot of toilet...
within 10 yards…all to myself.

There are other cities that are copy cats to the ball dropping in NYC.
Atlanta has the peach that drops
Nasvhille has the music note...
but no one tops Brasstown, N.C.
They have the possum drop…
yes sireee...a live possum.

Apparently animal activists went all protest on their 
possum drop.
Not sure why Peta got their panties in a wad
when the little creature is placed safely in a plexiglass cage before the drop.... 

only to be released later into the wild
and then run over.
Nothing like spoiling a Redneck's New Year's Eve.

The town's compromise is to use a dead possum…

I like their spirit.  
Now if I could only watch that possum drop from
the creature comforts of my couch.

See you next year.
(my 7 year-old self...
loves saying 
"See you next year.")

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