Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"TRADITION" by Katye

Whenever I say the word Tradition
I become Tevye 
from the musical play 
Fiddler on the Roof 
aka Katye
and sing "Tradition" in my best
Russian Jewish peasant accent.
when I'm alone of course. 
never in public. not cool.

This past Thanksgiving 
(like every other Thanksgiving)
 was a replay of tradition
sing it Katye
from our family walk before the feast 
to the game/competition/contest we play every year.

Back in the day...the contests started out tame
with trivia questions about family and the First Thanksgiving
but admittedly 
the games have escalated over the years into something more physical…
think Hunger Games
the only difference?
no child has to die.

Let the Games Begin

Archery contest... 
only blow-up Bambi had to take the arrow.

Shooting contest...
at targets we hung from trees.  
BB guns can be dangerous
like when the gun jams and you check the end of the barrel …and shoot your  eye out.  
That never happened for real.
just in cartoons.
but the resulting eye patch would work great
for our Pirate Party in August.

The game I planned for this Thanksgiving, however, had me 
second and third guessing myself…
especially after PaulA saw that the game
 involved sharp objects and 
gave me that…
What are you thinking Kat? look.

I actually got the idea for our game when I was peeling spuds for PaulA's favorite 
mashed potatoes…
(Remember, I'm going for "Wife of the Year" award and PaulA loves his mashed potatoes.)
As I was peeling away…I got to thinking:
hmmmm….this potato is developing a profile similar to
 Jay Leno.  
why not have a potato carving contest for this Thanksgiving?
And that was how the potato idea was baked. 
not fried.

Initially PaulA thought I was 
half baked…and fried
and that using carving tools 
might involve a trip to the ER…
but alas, 
no fingers were sacrificed 
in the making of any masterpieces.


Although we carved out another great Thanksgiving…
we still missed

and the newlyweds
Chelsea & Austin

during our Hunger Games and Thanksgiving Day Feast.

Luckily for this Kat,
 everyone will be home for Christmas 
and our Christmas traditions.

can you hear me singing in my very best 
Katye accent?

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