Saturday, January 24, 2015


It all started with Watergate…

Former President Clinton had Monicagate,
Former Congressman Anthony Weiner had Weinergate, 
Mark Zuckerberg had Hoodiegate,
who could forget Tigergate?  
Tiger wishes we all would.

The flood gates have re-opened.

 If you haven't heard…
where the heck ya been…
11 of the 12 balls used by the Patriots during their blowout AFC Championship win against the Indianapolis Colts were found to be under deflated by two pounds of 
air pressure per square inch (PSI).
And because Brady had previously gone on record that he likes his balls under deflated….

dum dum dum dum...
we have 


With the Super Bowl only a week away,
 the media keeps putting Tom Brady's balls in our face.
balls, balls, balls
It's hard not to groin 
with all this talk of balls.

Poor Brady had to stand in a press conference  
and have his ego deflated (along with his balls.)

  It had to be uncomfortable.
I'm surprised he wasn't more testy talking about his soft balls.

At this point deflate-gate is still under investigation.

I think we should wait before we sack Brady 
for his soft balls.

At this time we don't know…
who was handling Brady's balls before the game, 
but we probably have some idea who was handling them after the game.
sorry...couldn't help going there.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick 
continue to plead ignorance. 
“I have always played within the rules,” 
Brady insisted at a Thursday press conference.

If Brady was smart…
instead of pleading ignorance…
he should plead 

It worked for George Costanza.

Are ya ready for some football?