Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Selfies are the thang these days... 
everybody's doing it.

Heck, selfies are so popular that 
even President Obama is "taken" with it.

kinda awkwardSLASHdisrespectul 
to be taking a selfie during the 
Nelson Mandela Memorial Service…
but hey, ho…
 who am I to call out the Prez.
I'll let his wife do that.

Tell me Michelle doesn't look beside her selfie 
over Barack's behavior.
go Michelle

So what's good enough for the Commander-in-Chief is good enough for
this Kat and PaulA.
our New year's eve selfie


Selfie Caution:  
Because of the head-to-head contact with the selfie...
"they" say that the spread of lice 
is on the increase.

Now I'm thinking Obama might want to rethink 
his selfie tendencies...
especially if Russian President Putin 
suggests taking a group selfie with him and 
other leaders of the free world.  

First Putin takes Crimea.
What next??
A head on 
lice invasion of the free world?

I have some advice…
some wise words from this wise-ass.

A selfie might seem nice, but please think twice
you could pay the price, from the selfie vice
with a head full of lice.

Stay clear of Bo Bice.

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