Monday, August 27, 2012

What Floats Your Boat?

What floats your boat?
For would be a medium Carvel twist in a cone. 
That always floats my boat.


For Brianna...that would be the MV Explorer...
Semester-at Sea.

Right now Brianna's boat is floating somewhere
in the Atlantic Ocean. 
They set sail last Thursday at 17:00 hours
(I like to pretend I'm nautical savvy)

enroute  from Halifax, Nova Scotia to
Galway, Ireland...their first stop.
(2,192 nautical miles away)

Being cautious parents,
PaulA and I  interviewed the ship's Captain and crew 
before they set sail
to determine if they ran a legit operation. 
And I'm happy to report...
everything appeared to be copacetic.
We put the captain and crew through a rigorous test
and they all passed with flying colors.
Life Boats..check 
Life Preservers...check 
Full gas tank...check

The  Captain was especially proficient
at the parallel parking part of the test.



Safe voyage to Sweet Brianna on her trip of a lifetime.


It's  only Day Four...
and I  can't wait until her boat floats back home
in December. 

I promise not to drag you through all
107 days
Bri  is at sea...

 stories of a random blogger's daughter
on a Semester-at-Sea

to float your boat.


Sistersledge said...

News of her travels definitely floats my boat! I'm so happy for Brianna! The boat looks awesome. She's going to have a blast! Good job letting the Captain know he's carrying precious cargo!

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