Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbbit Royals


the eighth month of the year, named after
Emperor Augustus.

History (or google) tells us
the Roman Senate named two months after Roman rulers.

July was named after Julius Caesar
 to honor him for reforming their calendar...
which was in dire need of reform...
especially when months drifted all over the calendar
and January ended up in the fall.

The Roman Senate named the month of August after
(Julius's grandnephew, Augustus Caesar)
who became Emperor after
defeating Marc Antony and J.Lo ...ummm, Cleopatra.

There were two other Roman rulers
who briefly had their name on the calendar.

Emperor Claudius took the month of May...
which would have been okay with me.

I happen to like the sound of
"Cinco de Claudius"

Emperor Neronius had the month of  April...but
thank goodness that was short lived.

Neronius Fool’s Day...

just doesn’t have the same ring.


Happy August 1st




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