Monday, August 20, 2012

Sea You in December

I remember the anxiety I felt 3 years ago,
dropping Brianna off at college for her freshman year...
about how she would navigate life in a big city. 

Would she get lost?
run over?
or beat to a pulp
and left in a dark secluded alleyway? 
Okay, I’m a little dramatic.

Of course she had none of those worries. 
No worries, mon.
( worries, mom.)

Wishy has always been very independent so
she never had trouble cutting
the proverbial umbilical cord.
I think she was born with scissors...
"Brianna Scissor Hands.” 
(Just never run with them, pleeease.)


Tomorrow our Sweet Wishy is leaving  from Halifax, Nova Scotia
for a Semester-at-Sea. 

She will take classes onboard a cruise ship and at the same time...
visit 14+ countries on continents around the Atlantic Rim...

North America, Europe, Africa, South America,

I’ve never been on a cruise ship...and neither has Brianna. 
The biggest boat she has been on is the "Carol Jean"...The Block Island Ferry. 
(And Block Island is only 14 miles off shore.)

It’s hard for me to think about Brianna on a ship crossing the Atlantic. 
Being a landlubber (and landlover)...
all waves and wake
make me
 wacky and worrisome.

I get a big pit in my stomach and throat whenever I think about her voyage. 
 So I guess I need to stop thinking about it.
(Duh, Kat.)

I must  admit, it crossed my mind to surprise Brianna.

 I thought about jumping out from behind a bush
in the South African bush......
but I wisely bushwhacked
that bush-league idea.

So, the anxieties are creeping in again.

And again,
Bri is excited and ready to go.
“No worries, mom.”

I will be looking forward to December 7th  ...
when Brianna’s ship comes in
and her  trip of a life-time comes to an end.

Because that day
is the very same day...
my ship comes in.

woo hoo

Safe travels, Sweet Wishy.
Have the time of your life.
we love you.


Bri @ Sea said...

love you mom!!! going to miss you all and will have so many stories at christmas time!! xoxo Wishy

Sistersledge said...

Lots of well wishes for your Sweet Wish! xoxoxo