Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon Rising

Tonight look to the night sky to see a
Blue Moon rising.
Just don’t expect to see a blue moon....
it will still be the same man-in-the-moon
we usually see when it is full.
This month we have two full moons...
which doesn’t occur that often...
hence comes the expression ...
"Once in a blue moon"
 making the second full moon of the month...
the Blue Moon.
 a Blue Moon isn’t that rare of an occurrence...
the last one was New Year's Eve, 2009...
 and the next one will be July, 2015
For me,
the rarity of this Blue Moon
 is that it coincides with the memorial service of
Neil Armstrong
who died August 25, 2012.
Neil Armonstrong, first man to walk on the moon.
“One small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind.”
Amazing quote.
Did he come up with that line spur-of-the-moment....
off -the-spacesuit-cuff?
Armstrong's family wrote in a statement shortly after his death.
"Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty,
and the next time you walk outside on a clear night
and see the moon smiling down at you,
think of Neil Armstrong
and give him a wink."


And I might add one more thing.....

Hoist a Blue Moon in
Armstrong's honor.
Enjoy your Blue Moon...
both of them.


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