Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crystal Jayne

We all have some kind of energy...
thermal energy
5-Hour energy
I actually saw proof of my energy.
My aura was felt by the

all-one with the Cosmos....
 Crystal Jayne
during a fun
Big Chill
weekend with old friends.

After watching Jayne
aka Crystal Jayne
work her crystal pendulum...
on myself and other willing souls...
"I’m a believer" ...
not just in the Monkees song.

I'm talking,
all-in "Kool-Aid drinking believer."
"I drank the Kool-Aid"
and it must have been cherry...
my favorite flavor.

Crystal Jayne used her crystal pendulum to
measure my chakra and apparently 
I have a high crown chakra.

I wish I could tell you that a high crown chakra means
 I am a genius,
but alas
that would not be true. 

You could say....
I’m one aura short of a full chakra.
I have a newfound interest in the chakra.
When I get done with this
blogging business
I might learn more about it.

After all,

Crystal Kat...
has a nice ring to it.

to Crystal Jayne
for my first chakra experience...which was very positive.

She has opened my eyes to
 chakra and aura...
which is way better than
shock and horror.


During our fun-filled "Big Chill" get-together weekend, 
Crystal Jayne daily bestowed the
energy sources of the cosmos...
 allowing the cosmos
to flow through us.

You should know...
Crystal Jayne
is also known as
Cosmo Jayne...
a woman of many talents.


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