Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your John Hancock

Don’t you find it difficult to clearly write your signature on one of those electronic signature pads where you swipe your credit card? My signature ends up looking like a 2 year-old’s scribble. Even when I take my time and carefully write “Kat was here”…it looks like “Kats ears.” Besides, do they even look at what you’ve written?

Apparently not. I know this because I did a little test. I was using my credit card at Target and had to sign the signature pad. So instead of my usual scribble…I carefully wrote “John Hancock.” After all, isn’t that what they’re looking for? My autograph? My John Hancock?

So I waited a couple of seconds to see what the cashier person would say or do. Nothing. No reaction. Maybe that wasn’t her job. Maybe it was the job of the store cop to jump out from behind the men’s pants carousel and tackle me. But nothing happened. No one appeared to question my John Hancock. Geez…They apparently don’t care, or maybe they thought I resembled John Hancock. Similar hairstyle.

Okay, I admit it, I tried this shenanigan another time. (Is there no end to my madness?) I wrote ‘John Hancock’ on the signature pad at Kohls. And I actually saw my John Hancock appear on the register screen right in front of the cashier person…easily readable…handwriting almost as good as my twin...Johnny.

I think I better stop doing this….the FBI might be back at our house (teaser for an upcoming blog)….looking for John Hancock. Then I will be forced to explain: "Special Agent 86, there is someone in town with the name of John Hancock…trying to steal my identity."

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big C said...

HAHA!! this one is great! so funny :)