Wednesday, January 14, 2009

May I Help You?

Do you wear something your spouse makes jokes about? PaulA hasn’t said anything derogatory about what I wear (he knows what's good for him)...although he has mentioned a few unpleasantries about a certain flannel nightgown. But recently, PaulA makes comments every time I wear my brown velour warm-up suit.

The suit is a zip-up hoodie and sweat pants. They are like work-out sweats…but plush. I don’t exercise in them…I wouldn’t want the velour to get all sweaty. I basically wear them to hang-out and not work-out, because they’re so warm, cuddly and have an elastic band…the best invention far.

The first time I wore my warm-up suit, PaulA rubbed my brown velour arms and said, “What’s this?” So I explained velour to him… “duh PaulA, don’t cha know anything about fabric?” He replied, “It reminds me of an 80’s leisure suit…and the UPS.” I said, “Wait a minute…these sweats have to be cool, even Chelsea owns velour sweats. You keep talking like this…and I’ll send you packing.”

Then I remembered that I found Big C’s black velour pants outside her bedroom door…where she throws her cast-offs for the vultures in the house. Maybe PaulA knows something about fashion and fabric. (How is that possible?) Maybe I shouldn’t wear the brown hoodie and pants together. Forget it, I still plan on wearing them…no matter what jokes he makes.

I do notice one thing. For some reason when I wear them…I just feel so helpful. "What can brown do for you?”

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Anonymous said...

remember when chelsea brought those black velour pants out to dinner in new haven because she thought it was her zip up!?
-nanny franny