Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes We Can, Barack Obama

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been checking my mailbox. Not for a million dollar check that is just gonna magically appear at my address…I’m not crazy. But I’ve been looking for my invitation to Barack Obama’s inauguration. Okay, call me crazy.

Now that I think about it…there’s probably a good reason I didn’t get that fancy invitation with the embossed seal. What did I ever do for Obama? It’s not like I helped with his campaign, gave him money, canvassed neighborhoods. Heck, I didn’t even vote for him.

It was a taxing decision, but I didn’t support Obama with my vote last November. I do, however, support him now as our President. I wish the best for him as Leader of this great country, and hope like hell he can pull a rabbit out of his hat...fix our economy and keep our military from harm’s way.

As Americans we must unite:
Yes we can….Work together
Yes we can…Give him a chance
Yes we can…Generate new ideas
Yes we can…Give him support
Yes we can…Pray for him

I hear there are 10 official inaugural balls scheduled for tonight…a Young American’s ball, balls for Obama and Biden’s home states, many regional balls for the other states….and a first of it’s kind…a Neighborhood ball which will include Obama’s new neighbors…the Washington District residents and his grassroots followers. Heck, my neighborhood would have held a rip snortin’ ball if given the chance. Obama might want to reconsider hoods. The cool thing is…there will be a webcast to the nation of Michelle and Barack Obama’s first dance. I wonder what dance they’ll do…a waltz, tango, hustle, macarena, chicken dance, electric slide…so many choices.

I have a dream…it’s an inaugural invitation with my name on it…to witness this historic day…I can dream can’t I? (Yes I can.) Regardless…I’ll be there front row center…in my family room facing my television….to watch Barack Obama take the oath of office and become the first African-American to be elected as President of the United States of America.

Yes we can...each be a part of this historic day.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that the country is behind Obama - even the 60 million people who did not vote for him - the blue state people need to remember this - that after the vote is counted - the elected one is everyone's President! Go Obama!


big C said...

yay, go Obama!

Anonymous said...

Linnyj says YAY with Big C but can't help but wonder why BiG C isn't invited??
She is certainly cool enough to chill with Big O and way more able to rock the event than Kat or PaulA!!!

Anonymous said...

I Agree but don't tell LinnyJ, MickJ, Paty O or FM