Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ten days after Christmas I was back at the Taj MaMall to return purchases. Only returns. The last thing I was interested in…was buying more stuff. In one of George Carlin’s comedy routines he did a funny bit on stuff. “A house is a pile of stuff with a lid on it.” One thing for sure... I don’t need a bit of stuff.

So I entered the stores with my Kat blinders on. I headed right for the registers to put back PaulA’s hard earned money on my bulging credit card. (My credit card and I both over indulged this holiday season.) Even though I couldn’t see the sales around me (remember I have my blinders on), I know there were lots of sales going on…I could just sense it. Dogs have a heightened sense of smell…and Kat’s have a heightened sense of sales. That’s just one of those interesting facts. I kept with my original mission and only made my returns.

The one thing I did notice as I walked through the Taj MaMall was what people were wearing. If I see one more person wearing a North Face jacket and pair of Ugg boots…I’m gonna have a freak-out fit. And that just isn’t pretty. It is amazing how many people own one of those jackets or boots…or BOTH. (Walk through your local Taj'll see what I'm talkin' about here.) I’m not dissing these items. But, what makes that particular brand of jacket and boots the “it” items? Not sure how that works. I wonder if Mr. Ugg boot maker is laughing his heels off. You know he was just messing with us by calling it the Ugg boot…code for the Ugly boot.

So what items was I returning at the Taj? A couple of North Face jackets that I got for BigC and Wishy…wrong color, wrong size, wrong style…wrong, wrong, wrong. Now both girls say they don’t want them. Hey, works for me!!! Was it something I said?

As for the Ugg boots….they have theirs from last year. And as far as I’m concerned… the boots really aren’t that attractive. Those are just my thoughts and I think millions of Ugg wearers probably have something different to say. I only say, "Ugh……….."

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