Friday, January 23, 2009

Sistersledge On Bored

Sistersledge reads my blog! Sistersledge would be my younger sister. I bet you first thought I was talking about the infamous We Are Family Sister Sledge…disco group. But then you thought again…Naw.

Anyway, as I was saying, Sistersledge stays current with my blog…and I gotta love her to pieces for doing that. No, my love for her is not conditional on her continued blog reading…but I want to encourage her. “Keep reading…Sistersledge.”

But anyway, again…..Sistersledge reads my blog and tells me she likes it…or so she says. She does give me some critical criticism. Or is that constructive criticism? She says some blogs are better than others. Some blogs make her laugh…and then there are others where she starts off reading but then ends up skimming….reading every other word…then skipping entire sentences…thinking: “yea, yea, yea…whatever.”

She has even dared to be dreadfully honest with me… “Kat, some blogs are kinda boring.” Still …gotta love her, remember she’s my sister. So I was thinking I might have some peeps out there thinking the same thing. Thinking….BORING!!! They would be giving Sistersledge High Fives about now…. ‘Right on Sister…you said it for us. Let’s dance.’

To explain why some of my blogs are boring…you should know, it is because I feel the strong need to imitate life. Don’t they say “art imitates life.” Come on we all know…this blog is art. Sometimes life is just boring...consequently Ho-Hum blogs.

I don’t want to write a boring blog...but I am compelled to write my blog parallel with real life. Plus it's really exciting when a good blog pops up…out of the blue…and interrupts a run of painstakingly boring blogs.

Sorry folks…today isn’t the day.

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Sistersledge said...

Hey, this really started off great with with my name in large print at the top! How exciting to be the topic of Kat's blog! Then unfortunately it started to fizzle and then it became a bit of a snoozer but dare I say blog on sister, blog on!