Friday, January 16, 2009

Ultra Superior Memory

I watched a story on the Today Show about a man with a photographic memory…or better yet…a memory like an elephant. Elephants are known for their memory…which I still have yet to understand. But this guy is way more amazing than Dumbo. Give him a date in history and he can give you the day of the week and what happened on that day. That’s exactly what the Today Show did…and he was right each time.

The ‘experts’ have said his ability is called “Ultra Superior Memory.” That sounds like a made-up name if you ask me. The only thing I’ve ever heard of with a superior memory is the Sealy Posturepedic mattress with the amazing memory foam….that is one smart mattress.

While watching I thought, “I have to remember to google Ultra Superior Memory to see what this memory thing is all about" I repeated ‘ultra superior memory’ over and over to myself so I wouldn’t forget. I guess that was a good indication right there…I certainly don’t have Ultra Superior Memory syndrome.

The upside for the Ultra Superior Memory guy…is that he can remember everything. But the down side for the Ultra Superior Memory guy…is that he can remember everything. I don’t remember…did I just repeat myself? Sometimes, it is nice to just forget things. Do I need to remember the kid’s name and address in the 3rd grade who made fun of me and pushed me down on the playground. (Maybe I do…I’m bigger now.)

I wonder what Ultra Superior Memory man would say about October 3, 1981. I would hope that PaulA would say: it was the day PaulA and Kat tied the knot in Burlington, Vermont. I just hope that PaulA is like our friend with Ultra Superior Memory, or even Dumbo…and remembers our anniversary this October.

I might not have Ultra Superior Memory, but this Kat has a long memory when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, and days her husband didn’t take out the trash.

P.S. I could never write a blog about memory without forgetting my Auntie Anne (my mother's wonderful, funny, and loving sister.) My Auntie Anne had Alzheimer’s. The initial thought of realizing you are losing your memory is sad, but then once it’s gone…it is no longer sad for you, but for the family and friends who love you. One thing I know for sure…she will never be forgotten. Auntie Anne will always be remembered…so many people loved her.

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Anonymous said...

:-) Thanks for remembering my mom in your blog. She never forgot how much she loved all of her family, including you. Hugs, Laura