Monday, January 26, 2009

Think Fast

There are some people who can talk a mile a minute. It’s amazing. After a couple of minutes, my head starts spinning…I find it so hard to keep up with them. They have just talked two miles and I’m exhausted. I talk about an eighth of a mile a minute so in a conversation I’m way behind…left eating a fast talker’s dusty words.

So if you talk fast…does it mean you’re smarter than us slow-talkers and your mind is quicker? I like to think NOT. So in defense of slow-talkers of America, I believe fast-talkers don’t think before they speak. Their words just spill over…like Niagara Falls …nothing to damn them. Except the person who later hears them…

I don’t know if it is an age thing or what…but I also can’t think as fast as some…on my feet. As you can tell by this well-thought out blog…I am a better butt thinker. Things just come to me while I’m sitting down.

So to define: A butt thinker is someone who thinks best on their butt…versus someone who thinks fast on their feet. (I’m sure the term is in the dictionary… under ‘ridiculous.’) Feet talkers know exactly what to say to someone on the spot. They have the best comebacks when they need them…say just the right thing to look good…have just the right quip or joke. That would NOT be me. Ten minutes later I think of the best one-line ever…Hey get back here.

Although I am a better butt thinker, never confuse me with an ass talker. They are not related. A butt thinker is not in any way, shape or form…an ass talker. Some folks are really good at talking out of their asses and I happen to know a couple of these people…who will remain faceless.

After reading this blog…you are thinking… “Kat, what are you saying? You’re always talking out of your ass.”

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