Monday, January 12, 2009

Credit for Over Indulgence

Good thing the period between Thanksgiving and New Years isn’t a day longer. For me…it was a period of total indulgence…when I threw caution to the wind, and cookies, fudge and eggnog to the thighs. I’m hoping indulgence is a virtue…but I’m thinking it probably isn’t…it’s waaay too much fun.

I had a little company with my indulgences. My good friend, C.C…otherwise known as Credit Card…was right there with me. Yep….C.C. and Kat…hand-in-hand…were out of control….

We went for it…hand over fist.
We extended our capacity.
We stretched…our limits.
We lived like we were on easy street.
We lived liked there was no tomorrow.
We stopped at no price.

So now….
We need to trim back.
We need to exercise caution.
We need to get lean and mean.

We have indebted ourselves
So that we now have low interest
In balancing and weight transfers.
Although on instant approval
And for no annual fee, we would gladly work-out.

Just a minute… I will be the only one working out. My pal, C. C. is not allowed to accompany me on work-outs. She will be staying at home in the bureau drawer wear she belongs. When C.C. gets a work-out…it only means trouble.

Ps. If I could give myself credit for writing such a clever blog…I would. But if you care to give me credit…C. C. and I will gladly take it.

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