Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slow Down

I wish I had more time to blog from Grandma's, but life is very hectic in the retirement community. (And I thought it was tough at Camp Linnyj's!) My day consists of: water aerobics at the pool, instructed through a tape over a loud speaker, shuffleboard, lunch at Nicolas's Restaurant or Wendy's, a walk around the park to get caught up on everyone's business, bingo, book reading, small dinner at home, Jeopardy, and then the Wheel of Vanna White Show. Before I know it the day is coming to an end and I'm exhausted!!

Currently, I am sitting at the recreation hall with a room that has a wireless internet connection. Someone here must have the low down on high tech. I can hear a huge crowd in the next room...Probably a meeting of sorts to plan the next day of fun. Anyway, they are I gotta split. They just might sign me up for something!!! See ya!

1 comment:

big C said...

haha, glad you're having FUN!!!! Tell Nana, Papa, Funny Nana & the rest of the gang, hello!!