Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big C Turns 23!

When I look outside after the first season’s snowfall and see fresh fallen snow blanketing our front lawn…I think of Chelsea. The yard looks like a winter wonderland…with fluffy snowflakes…no sand, no yellow. Even if you are someone who prefers warm weather…prefers San Diego over San Hartford…you probably enjoy seeing the first snowfall. (As long as there isn’t a shovel involved.)

When Chelsea was little, she would insist that our yard remained undisturbed after a snowfall…that every snowflake stayed in its place. If we were going to have a snowball fight or build a snowman…do it in the side or backyard, please. The sure way to tick her off was to walk across newly fallen snow. ‘Stay off the snow’ was her winter equivalent to someone else’s ‘Stay off the grass.’

Another thing she liked was smooth hair. When Big C was a little c in the 5th grade, she wanted a ponytail everyday and it was my job to do it….sans bumps. I would brush all her hair back and put it in a rubber band. She would take a good look in the mirror and say, “Nope, it has bumps.” So I would redo it…and pull it tighter…pulling her eyes to the side of her head. Then she would look again and say, “Nope. Redo.” So I would keep brushing and sweating…cuz the bus was coming and we were stuck at ‘redo the hair-do.’

But time passes quickly and years flash by…and big C turns 23!!! Now she’s grown and does her own hair. Plus she lives in the south now…so no snow issues there.

But if Big C ever needed me…for anything…I would be there. I’d smooth the bumps from her hair and guard the snow…any day…for Chelsea.

Happy Birthday, Chelsea!

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Sistersledge said...

Happy 23rd Birthday Chelsea! I always felt the same way about the snow. I hate it when someone walks across it and ruins it! On the hair note - Natalie always has bumps in her pony tail, like today for instance, I try to get it smooth but it's not easy!