Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Royal Flush

There’s nothing like a trip to Home Depot….or Lowe’s. You say Burger King…I say McDonalds. (Poor Wendy…left out, again.) Anyway, the other day PaulA and I were in Home Depot and I was admiring all the home owner projects that you can accomplish. That is, if you knew what the heck you were doing…and didn’t have two thumbs. I mean, all on one hand. I’m not very handy with tools, but PaulA is very handy with his.

So while PaulA was looking for a thingamabob in the Thingamabob Isle…I found myself in the Plumbing Isle. Wow…Have you checked out the thrones lately? (A throne sounds so much more pleasing than toilet.) I was surprised how relatively inexpensive they were. (Considering the price per flush ratio.) So as I was perusing the thrones, I began picturing myself reigning over the land. Hmmmmm…a new throne for Queen Kat. If I did get a new throne…which one would I choose to sit upon. And then I saw it…the best throne in all the kingdom.

It had me at ‘FLUSH’…an American Standard…not to be confused with one of those European Unstandards. This Standard stood out above the other thrones because of its rating…“Rated Best Flush.” The sign on the throne is what impressed me the most:

Virtually clog free
Flushes a bucket of golf balls

The thing flushes a bucket of golf balls!!! What throne can claim that??? FIRST of all…you must be having a bad day at golf if you want to flush a bucket of your golf balls. I’ve heard of getting ticked and throwing your clubs…but flushing? Or…you have a major digestive problem that I can’t really help you with in a blog. And SECOND of all… Did the manufacturers really test their product to make sure it can flush a bucket of golf balls. Come on…maybe mini chocolate golf balls from the candy store…but Pro-V1 top of the line golf balls? That’s the ultimate hole in ONE.

So I grabbed PaulA and told him about the amazing throne that could flush a bucket of golf balls and he thought I was kidding. Me, kidding?? I was just so impressed by its golf ball claim….PLUS the throne comes with a 10 year warranty. Wow, that’s a lot of golf balls over ten years and really lowers the price per flush.

The Royal Flush…just perfect for Queen Kat…and just perfect for PaulA when he’s mad at his golf balls…cause they aren’t going where he wants them to.

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Dug said...

Very Funny!