Monday, January 5, 2009

The New Frontier

Remember reading about the new frontier in history books…the time when Americans headed West to find gold, discover their fortune, and make a new life? They were pioneers of the the wild, wild west. Go West, young man. One prominent pioneer…a coonskin cap Davy Crockett.

It has been hundreds of years since we’ve forged into new territory…although I would consider the Internet…a new frontier. And we are the pioneers of wild, wild cyberspace. Go Cyberspace, young man. One prominent pioneer…Big Wig Bill Gates.

Back in the day, pioneers headed out in their covered wagons to unchartered territory…to carve out land…set up a home…and build new towns. Even though it was the wild west, the frontier did have some order. They had a sheriff in town…and a deputy…to keep the crazies in line…to lock up the town drunk, or town bully.

Now in the day, cyberpioneers have headed out with their personal computers…to unchartered territory and set up Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, chat rooms, blogger sites and porn sites. Our wild cyberspace, however, has no sheriff or deputy. This new frontier is totally unpoliced…so anything goes…and everything does. So I’m just saying….maybe we need a sheriff in cyperspace…to lock up the cyperspace perves and bullies.

I must leave you now to ponder that great analogy while I head for unchartered territory…my laundry room. I have to coral the socks that are running wild in my dryer…before one turns up missing. There’s a new sheriff in town. I am, however, having a difficult time heading into this new frontier. For some reason…all I want to do is watch a western.

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