Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Are You Doing?

What are you doing for New Years? This time of year…that’s the number one question. Unless you have planned something in advance…a trip to Times Square…a vacation….a rager party…you are probably in the same boat as everyone else.

That would be the boat to….nothing really. That pretty much sums up what most people have planned for New Year’s Eve. The funny thing is that everyone feels like they should have some great plan…or party to tell everyone about.

For some reason because it’s New Year’s…people feel like they have to do something really instead of nothing really. You can’t stay home in your pjs, drink beer, eat macho nachos and call it a New Year at 10:30 pm. (That would be called Sunday nights.) Nope. You have to put on your glitzy flashy sequins clothing, get together with people, clink glasses and stay up late. And it is required to yell the countdown at the top of your lungs…5-4-3-2-1…as the old year winds down. Most importantly you are required to kiss everyone in the room. Heck, if you don’t…you will have bad luck in 2009. So you are left with no choice. “Get over here I need to give you a big ole kiss because it’s a New Year.” So you end up with kissing people you don’t even know…and a monster cold three days later.

We’ve had some good house parties over the years. This I know. When one of your guests decides…riding the reindeer you have as a decoration by your front door is a good idea…you definitely know you had a good/crazy party.

It’s funny how looong the night can seem before midnight. "What we still have 3 more hours before the damn ball drops?" The night is moving in slow mo…but finally the hands strike midnight and the ball drops…your guest has mounted the reindeer…and now it’s suddenly 3 am. Where did the time go?

I always have mixed emotions watching the ball drop in Times Square on television. Happy, that I am not there with 20,000 drunk maniacs (that’s a lot of kissing) and sad, when I hear Auld Lang Syne. That song makes me want to cry…couldn’t they come up with something peppier?

So PaulA and I will probably be doing nothing really with a bottle of bubbly for New Years Eve. I do have one request this year….no choruses of Auld Lang Syne…and I could do without watching Dick Clark on the Rockin' Eve….that guy is doing nothing really for me…unless of course he decides to ride a reindeer.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

seems like this is the perfect time to note your signature sign off of KatOUT is erriely connected to New Years via the new dick clark - Seacreast OUT!

PaulA wishes Kat dog's blogging fans a happy new year too!

Anonymous said...

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