Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Get Into This

Bri, Wishy, Sweet Wish, Sweet Wish of America….all the above…found out she is going to college. Okay, so we always knew she was going somewhere, but as you have heard me reiterate 100 times (enough already)….colleges give students an uneasy feeling about “getting in.” So instead of hearing the expected: “You’ve been declined. Back that ass up.” Wishy heard: “You’ve been accepted. Drop all your money in the bucket at the door.”

When kids and parents talk about college, you’ll hear them say: That school is so difficult to get into. What college did she get into? This whole “get into” thing is like there is a special secret combination.

When kids tell their friends “I got into XYZ College" sounds like they broke in. Like the doors were bolted shut, but they somehow found a way in. They crow bared the door …or turned themselves into Flat Stanley and slid under the door.

I prefer that kids come up with a new train of thought regarding "getting into." They need a new mantra: Repeat after me… “XYZ College is lucky to have me grace their campus for the next 4 years.”

So before I say “Bri got into college”…I stop myself and say: “Sweet Wishy was admitted to college.” Or even...welcomed, recognized and embraced. Okay, that might seem like a matter of semantics. But when you go to high school for 4 years…not miss a day, do all your homework, study hard for tests, write papers, get involved, play sports, cheer at games, volunteer…etc. etc. …you didn’t finagle your way in…you worked your way in. And that is waaaaaaaay more than semantics.

Go Wishy!

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