Monday, December 1, 2008

Wish Me Luck

Tonight I sing the National Anthem for the UCONN Men’s basketball game at Gampel Pavilion. I love singing on campus mainly because of the students. Students have so much school spirit and do funny things like paint their faces and bellies. Wait, I saw a man at the Packers game on TV with a painted beer belly…but that’s football and football just has a way of turning grown men into adolescents. Also I like that Gampel is smaller than the Hartford Civic Center where I have also sung for UCONN. Gampel just feels more intimate…only 10,000 fans.

Just knowing that I am going to be standing in front of 10,000 can get my adrenalin pumping…especially that second before I sing…after walking out to the middle of the court…and the whole place is silent…just waiting for you to sing. Sing already…and get the heck Outta Here!!!

I have a couple of things I do to get ready before I sing. First I write a lame blog about it. Then I make sure I know my first note. Do Re Me... Starting on a note a step or two higher…like a ti instead of a do….could be the...fa so la of me. I could end up hanging myself in front of 10,000 people.

Then of course I have good luck rituals. I know everyone has good luck rituals…getting out of bed a certain way…putting on your socks…left before the right. Actors say stuff like: “break a leg.” Tiger Woods wears red on Sunday. University of Alabama Coach Saban keeps a lucky penny in his pocket given to him by his daughter. Roll Tide.

Lucky for me…my good luck charm is that today is the First of the month….and I remembered to say “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit”……and I jumped on my right leg 11 times, walked around the house counter clockwise, ate breakfast with my left hand, and was extra nice to Duncandog……

Just in case.

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