Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Have you ever re-gifted or been the recipient of a re-gift (that you are aware of)? I have been on both sides of re-gifting…the re-gifter and the receiver of a re-gift.

A re-gifter should not be confused with an Indian giver. (Note to self: never use that expression…very offensive.) A person who gives a gift doesn’t ever expect to receive it back…although sometimes it finds its way back. I call that the “boomerang gift.”

Years ago, I sent a present for a child’s birthday…and low and behold…it came back…to one of my kids 3 months later. Not adequately disguised in different wrapping paper. The boomerang gift…the gift that keeps on giving.

The Today Show recently had on an expert to discuss the Etiquette of Re-gifting…duh. I’ve heard of etiquette for weddings, telephone speaking, and even golf… but for re-gifting? The expert was the great, great grandchild of Emily Post. So because she’s distantly related, I guess that automatically makes her an expert on the subject. That means…a blogger extraordinaire should be following in my footsteps.

The so-called expert’s advice:
Do not re-gift something that is monogrammed…especially if the initials are not quite the same.
Do not re-gift something that has been opened.
Do not leave old cards or name tags attached to a re-gift.
Do not re-gift something that is old and dusty.

We need an expert for that advice? I’m surprised she didn’t add to the list:
Do not re-gift partially used gift cards…especially with odd amounts left…$37.09.
Never re-gift skinny leg jeans and leg warmers to your Aunt Millie in the nursing home.

I admit that I have re-gifted. It was a bottle of wine…but it wasn’t an unwanted gift that I was trying to pawn off. I was in a hurry, okay. Heck, it was for a hostess gift and it was probably a better bottle of wine than I would have bought. Honest Injun! (Again…totally not acceptable expression.)

If you’ve learned anything about re-gifting…please follow the “expert’s” no-brainer advice and don’t give a re-corked half bottle of wine, an opened box of chocolates with the chocolate caramel missing…or a solitaire leg warmer (unless it is for Captain Morgan)…the person receiving the gift just might figure it out.

Shoot…now I have to go shopping…I was one step away from re-gifting my dirty wok, cracked crystal bowl, and my maroon handmade monogrammed KAT leg warmer.

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