Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Larger Than Life

Some actors work their entire career hoping to be cast in a great role…hoping to sink their acting chops into a part that is larger than life; one with true meaning. And I’m not talking about Mama Mia here. We have someone in our family who has acted in such a role and achieved notoriety…at a young age. Exit stage left: Meryl Streep.

Enter stage right: Brianna….aka Sweet Wishy. Wishy took on such a role in a play and delivered it with such ease and candor. Her performance was revered by all who were lucky to have scene her seens.

Her larger than life role…Baby Jesus. When Big C and Colinboy were little they were involved in the Christmas pageant at church. Big C (who was actually just a little c then…about age 5) was the peasant girl/angel…now not exactly her preferred style of living and clothing. Colinboy…age 3 was a sheep herder…just a perfect role for the Colinboy. Anyway, one look at Wishy ….and the director was interested in her for the role of Baby Jesus.

Bri had all the attributes needed to play the role…a director’s dream. She could sit up without slumping forward…her temperament was calm and serene …she had the face of a cherub with the most beautiful peaches and cream complexion…and her best attribute for the role…she was a baby. Brianna was 6 months old.

I was the typical stage mom…of course. Doting on my child. Demanding special privileges. Front pew seats for my family and friends. Requesting special products in her dressing room. Extra Huggies and binkies. I know I was a little over the top with all the demands but…Come on folks…we are talking the Baby Jesus.

So as roles go…where do you go after playing the Baby Jesus? I guess that would be immediately down…to earth. Heck, the part of Moses in the Ten Commandments had already been done (Charleton Heston got all the good parts.)

Wishy did well to sink her acting chops into her role as Baby Jesus…especially with only having two teeth to work with.

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