Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Elephant?

I swear no one in this house ever sees anything …except me. Why is that? And I thought I was the blind one. Whenever Duncandog leaves some biological matter on the floor (he usually has a good reason), it is always the ELEPHANT in the room...no one ever notices…walks right by. “What? There’s something on the floor? Oh, that…I didn’t see that.” Of course you didn’t…How convenient! So the one who sees it…cleans it.

The clean up job is now all mine. I make sure to not wear my glasses…the ones that magnify objects 10 fold. I don't need a close-up. I get a good enough picture through my blur…I call vision.

I know Duncandog feels bad about presenting his business on my floor…at least he better feel bad. I try not to yell at him, but I do…“Get outside Duncan…you are such an animal!!” I’m sure Duncandog is thinking… “Hey Kat, If I had an opposable thumb like you …I would have gladly opened the door and retched outside.” (Duncandog has an extensive vocabulary.)

I have a plan for the next time there is an ELEPHANT in the room...I won’t wear my glasses and I’ll wait until someone else sees it. As long as I don’t step in it…I’m golden.

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