Friday, December 12, 2008

Relatively Humorous

They say humor is relative and that makes sense to me…I have some very humorous relatives. But what is funny to one person is NOT always funny to someone else. That is why I would never want to be a stand-up comedian. Come to think of it…even comedy from a sit-down position is hard…especially on a wooden chair. The easiest comedian by far is the blogging comedian. You can post something you think is funny…and then never have to hear whether it bombed…flat lined…or DOA’d. I am far from being a comedian…but I do enjoy hearing a good joke.

Some people just have a way with telling a joke. They stand up, flail their arms, use different accents and sound effects, and deliver the punch line…the whole room cracks up. I don’t have that kinda stuff. My lines never deliver and my lines certainly don’t punch. Forget standing up….I prefer not to draw that much attention. If I even manage to remember the joke…I have to start over a couple of times. Then I’ll get half -way through and realize I have already told the punch line….

You should hear Pia tell a joke. I have…the same jumper cable joke…for years. Sometimes jokesters come in teams…Paco y Juanita…regular Sonny and Cher (and you should hear them sing.) PattyO has the best voices and BA has the sarcastic voice. Then there is linnyj…what a crack up. No, she doesn’t do crack…she’s just funny.

I think PaulA is funny...that’s why I am still around after all these years…laughing my way to the bank. Ba dum bum. Okay, that was my attempt at humor. See what I’m talking about? Not funny. My dad likes to say… “You’re funny…funny looking.” Now you know where I don’t get it.

Jokes are great…but what I really like is slap-stick humor and this I did inherit from my dad. Any falling down, tripping , stubbing, dropping….especially on the big toe…is a riot. That’s why Peter Sellers was our FAV. But I would never, ever laugh when someone near me falls down and hurts themselves…that would be Bri. Sweet Wishy always laughs when I hurt myself….consequently, Wishy gets many laughs from her clutzy mother.

Wait, I guess that makes me a comedian, after all!

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